Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

  • These days, information technology is expanding at an enormous speed. The rapid change in education reform has also posed plenty of challenges and difficulties for educators. As educators ourselves and in light of the rapid educational reforms and expansion of information technology, the questions we have to ask ourselves are: What is the role of education and how do we educate our next generations to adapt to these changes? What kind of education should students receive in order to confront such erratic and oftentimes unknown challenges?

    In this information explosion era, educators are not simply confined to conveying knowledge or training vocational skills. The economy is in constant transformation. Merely conveying knowledge or training vocational skills cannot keep pace with the changing world. Instead, equipping students with the courage to face challenges, equipping them with lifelong learning skills to adapt to changes and instilling in them the virtue of perseverance to overcome obstacles is even more vitally important. Furthermore, a good command of language is the gateway to success. Language is the cornerstone for learning. It is the medium for exploring and constructing new knowledge. If students possess good language competence, it will provide them with a good tool for learning different disciplines of knowledge as well as providing a good platform for lifelong learning. Having good language abilities can also facilitate students in communication with others. In light of these, the school has been striving to nurture our students in the above-mentioned aspects and make them become future pillars of society who are knowledgeable, diligent and perseverant.

    Moreover, even though students’ academic performance draws the most concerns from society, we do not only place emphasis on academic performance without paying heed to boosting students’ personal qualities. We hold a firm belief that the inculcation of proper values in the younger generation is of upmost importance. We have been making every effort to equip our students to be decent people:well-spoken, sincere, responsible, righteous and broad-minded. Resources have been channelled to undertake values education so as to enable students to lead a positive and healthy life. Meanwhile, taking part in inter-school activities will not only help students to learn from one another; they will also learn to respect each other’s differences and acknowledge the fact that diversities exist in society. Only then will good personal qualities be developed.

    Last but not least, our mission is to help our students know Jesus Christ and embrace His love. St. Catharine’s School for Girls is a big family full of love and care. We wish for every student to feel that they are loved in this big family of ours in St. Catharine’s. We wish for them to become the light and salt of God to witness His grace and illustrate His love through a variety of service to others and contributions to society. Through such caring and devoted future leaders, we will be able to construct a society which is filled with benevolence.

    I believe that if we, teachers, students and parents, join hands to strive for these common goals, we can establish a harmonious and ideal learning environment. In the meantime, I hope our students will actualize the school motto “brave, gentle and sincere”, become future pillars of our society and help pave a way for a brighter tomorrow for all of us.

    Ms. Heung Yuk Mui
    The Principal

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