Motto and Mission

Motto and Mission

  • School Motto

    Brave Gentle Sincere

    Mission of The School

    To deliver quality education to students, making them virtuous, all-round and knowledgeable.

Our Vision

We educate our students to:

attain excellence in conduct and academic results

be equally good at work and play

be consciously aware of the world around them

be concerned about the community

be good followers of Christ

be in line with The Truth

Aims of Education

We believe God created man and endowed all individuals with various gifts and potentials, and the aim of education is to help everyone understand and bring out the best in themselves, enabling them to equip themselves with the following attributes:

  1. A knowledge of self-worth and the understanding that each person has his own place in the universe.
  2. A correct and balanced value judgement.
  3. A clear concept of right and wrong; a sense of social justice and an obligation to ensure that these principles are being upheld.
  4. A strong desire to build a fair and orderly society.
  5. A willingness to shoulder family and social responsibilities.
  6. Respect for others' dignity regardless of their social standing.
  7. Respect for every individual's right to freedom in society; not to deprive others' freedom for your own sake, and vice-versa.
  8. An ability to empathise with others and share their feelings objectively.
  9. An ability to build up harmonious relationships and co-operate with others in all circumstances.
  10. A sense of proactiveness, independence, self-discipline, self-respect and unselfishness.
  11. A loyal, trustworthy, magnanimous and sincere character.
  12. Appreciation of nature, culture and art.
  13. An ability to think logically, critically and independently.
  14. An inquisitive mind so as to pursue truth and knowledge.
  15. A reasonable standard of language proficiency that enables one to communicate effectively with others.
  16. Common sense to respond to daily issues and the ability to develop a deeper understanding of them.
Address : 26 Hong Lee Road, Kwun Tong
Tel : 2345 6481
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